- Marcel Lehner - CISO & Cybersecurity Executive

Marcel Lehner

CSO & Cybersecurity Executive

Email: hello(at)marcel-lehner.com
Phone: +43 664 83 40 146
Web: www.marcel-lehner.com


👋 An Award-Winning Cybersecurity Visionary
Marcel is an award-winning Cybersecurity Executive committed to elevating the industry. With multiple certifications (CGEIT, CRISC, CISM, CISSP-ISSMP, CISA, GICSP, CSSLP, CCSP, CBCP, CDPSE and ISO 27001 Manager & Auditor), Marcel embodies professional excellence and a passion for continual learning.

🌟 Driving Security Transformation & Innovation
Marcel isn’t just about defense; he’s about transformative cybersecurity. He aims to revolutionize digital landscapes, constantly with an eye toward next-gen enterprise resilience. His approach isn’t merely reactive; it’s proactive and innovation-led.

🛠️ Mentoring & Developing Future CISOs
Leadership for Marcel goes beyond titles – it’s about empowerment and mentorship. He’s not just a leader within his organization; he’s also a guide for the next generation of cybersecurity professionals, committed to their growth and fostering a lifelong learning culture.

📝 A CISO with a Voice: Speaker, Writer, Community Builder
Marcel extends his impact beyond the boardroom. As a sought-after speaker and writer, he contributes valuable insights to the broader cybersecurity community. His articles and talks are not just informative but catalysts for change and conversation within the industry.

📷 The Man Behind the Title: A Glimpse into Marcel’s Private Life
Beyond his professional endeavors, Marcel is also a man of varied interests. He’s a passionate photographer who finds beauty in the details and a skilled cook who believes that much like in cybersecurity, the right ingredients make all the difference.


I am a highly experienced CISO with 30 years in Cyber, Information, and IT Security and an expert in strategic security planning for sizeable international production companies I hold multiple industry certifications, including CGEIT, CRISC, CISM, CISSP-ISSMP, and ISO 27001 Manager & Auditor. I am also an active contributor to the security community, author, speaker, and mentor.

Information Security Management
Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)
Cyber Resilience
Business Continuity Management


2022 / Executive Senior Leadership Program

WU Executive Academy, University of Economics and Business, Vienna, Austria

I completed the Senior Leadership Program at WU Executive Academy, which emphasized practical aspects of Corporate Governance and Best Practices. Taught by international experts and industry veterans, the program prepared me to lead effectively in a VUCA environment. I gained hands-on experience in agile decision-making and mastered recent technologies and market-driven strategies to maintain a competitive edge. The course’s practical focus enhanced my leadership skills, particularly in fostering a culture of innovation, trust, and teamwork. Through personalized coaching sessions and targeted networking via the EA Connect Platform, I achieved significant professional growth. The course equipped me to make data-driven decisions that have had a positive impact on team dynamics and broader organizational goals, especially in the challenging context of rapid digital transformation.

2010-2013 / Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Warwick Business School, The University of Warwick, England

I completed my MBA at Warwick Business School, a program ranked second globally by the Financial Times. This course was a transformative experience, blending theory and practice to challenge conventional business wisdom. The program’s flexibility allowed me to balance my career and studies seamlessly.

The faculty are industry leaders whose research informs the course modules, equipping me with an entrepreneurial mindset. Being part of Warwick’s global network of individuals from almost 170 countries has provided invaluable networking opportunities. This MBA has been more than just an academic journey; it’s been a life-changing experience that has prepared me to be a leader in the dynamic world of business.

2004-2006 / Master of Science (MSc)

University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria

I completed my Master of Science in Secure Information Systems at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, a program that uniquely blends theoretical knowledge with practical skills in cybersecurity. The curriculum was comprehensive, covering everything from information management and digital identities to secure software engineering and network security. What set this program apart was its emphasis on practical training, allowing me to engage in independent and systematic work that honed my technical and communication skills. The program also delved into IT security’s legal and ethical aspects, providing a well-rounded education that has been invaluable in my career.

2001-2004 / Bachelor of Applied Science (BSc)

University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria

In my academic journey, I attended the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, where I completed my bachelor’s degree program in Secure Information Systems. This comprehensive course was designed to address the escalating challenges in cybersecurity, such as cybercrime, hacking, and data theft. The curriculum perfectly blended theoretical knowledge and practical skills, focusing on full-spectrum security protocols for computer systems, networks, and data management.

What set this program apart were the elective modules that allowed for deeper specialization in network, data, and systems security. These modules provided a robust foundation and equipped me with the skills to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity. Interestingly, back in 2000, the media even dubbed our program as one that produces “trained hackers,” highlighting the depth and rigor of our training.

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